Dynamic CTA

The branded chat button only appears when there are agent resources available to chat. Chat Bar continuously checks agent availability 3X more often than traditional solutions, ensuring a fast and snappy experience.

Branded Experience

Once a shopper has clicked the CTA, they enter a branded experience, so that they know they are dealing with the right product expert.

Continuous Experience

The whole chat experience follows shoppers across the entire site, accompanying them through the buying process, so that they can chat and shop at the same time.

Stay Notified

Shoppers can choose to enable desktop notifications, and ensure they can easily return to their conversation, even if they browse other pages.

Expert List

With expert lists, it's easy to see which experts/brands are available to chat as shoppers browse product category pages. The Expert list also shows current shoppers conversations, helping them stay connected as they browse.

Brand Relay

When a consumer initiates a conversation with a brand or retailer, it will seamlessly follow the customer from the brand site to the retail site without disconnecting the agent or losing chat history