Our passion today is driven by the same idea that led to the inception of Welcome.

Dan Herman grew up chatting with friends via text and instant message. When his mom, not known for being tech-savvy, began to text more often than call, he knew this wasn’t just the current trend: it was a shift in behavior.

It was then he had his epiphany:

“how do we make the relevant expertise available, wherever that is, to consumers, wherever they are?”

Dan teamed up with Waqas Hussain and Matt Wild, to create the technology-driven solution we provide today, combining the personalization of the past with the ubiquity of the present, to bring the full omnichannel experience to life.

Today, Welcome is the only solution that puts brands and retailers in a single real-time conversation with the consumer across every touchpoint, regardless of the technology in place, tailoring the solution to your existing environment.



Dan Herman

Waqas Hussain

Matt Wild