Please select the correct logo file based on the background that the logo will go on. Click the logo and save the file as needed. You may download all the files by clicking on the link at the top of the page, or by selecting digital or print quality files from the links below.

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Primary logo in Welcome Black 

White logo for darker backgrounds 

Red icon with white wordmark for busy backgrounds


Logo Vertical

Our vertical logo is used in situations where there is less space available, please select the version appropriate to the background that the log will be placed on. Click the logo and save the file. 

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Icon / Symbol

The Welcome icon is used in material that already uses the regular full length logo. 

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Welcome Colors

Here are the color details for our 2-color logo.



RGB (247, 50, 63) / PMS 032 C



RGB (73,75,89) / PMS 5395 U