Solutions for Retailers

With the Welcome Conversation Platform, along with our network of brands and consumer intelligence services, you can–for the first time–influence the buying process across all of your e-commerce sites and have access to data about your customers, as they buy.


Enabling expert conversations on your main web property.


Making expertise available across mobile experiences.


Optimizing the in-store buying experience.


The Welcome Impact

The world's largest retailers already boost customer acquisition with Welcome by offering real-time product expertise across exponentially expanding product assortments. Imagine if you did the same...

Deliver product expertise to shoppers everywhere, as part of a phenomenal experience.

Increase conversion and revenue across all consumer touchpoints.

Reduce the cost of new customer acquisition, without increasing budget spend.

Website Commerce

As the most established touchpoint today, purchasing online should mirror a fantastic brick and mortar experience. 

However, with so many distractions it is difficult to captivate consumers’ full attention long enough to complete their purchase.


What if you can deliver the right expertise directly through your own website?

Welcome helps leverage existing vendor relationships for real-time personalization.

We help retailers, like you, strengthen the conversation to complete the sale.




Mobile Commerce

Apps and mobile-optimized sites make the m-commerce experience easier, but there is still room for improvement.

Very few companies have enabled mobile chat, and as a result, consumers must go to a physical store or use their laptop to find the expertise they need.


What if you could provide an advanced mobile shopping experience for your customers overnight?

Welcome helps you connect your customer with the right expertise directly on their mobile device.

Chatbar Mobile




In-store Presence

It is difficult and expensive for retailers to train and hire enough store associates, and there are never enough associates available to interact with every single customer.

Scheduling more people on the floor during busier hours can help, but you can never truly predict the volume of shoppers through the door on any given day or hour.


What if you could leverage your existing vendors to digitally staff every aisle?

Welcome helps you connect your customer with the right expertise within your retail stores.

Chatbar Mobile



Beyond the Platform

Along with our suite of solutions that help improve your consumers' experience, our team gets to know you to understand your requirements, so we can develop a personalized plan for your business priorities. 

Agent Services

Scale up with additional advisor, language, and time zone support.


Your launch team from the moment you sign up, until you are live.

Intelligence Services

Analyzes consumer behavior to synthesise recommendations.

Client Success

Assist with brand/retailer partnerships and drive best practices.