On-demand Videos


5 Ways to Increase Basket Size on Dealer Sites

FEATURING: Alison Schutz - PartnerComm, LinkedIn

In this video, Alison walks us through real-life examples of how manufacturers have increased shoppers' basket size by helping them purchase the right product at a higher price point.

During this on-demand video, you will learn how to:

  • Leverage your existing customer service team to create upsell opportunities
  • Assist customers who shop for your products, within the retailer's environment
  • Extend your eCommerce capabilities, even if you don’t have eCommerce today

3 Ways Leading Retailers Reduce Returns

FEATURING: Kevin Gardiner - Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Toys R Us

Learn how leading retailers are dramatically reducing returns without disrupting existing systems and processes. 

This short (less than 20 minutes) on-demand video, shares lessons Kevin learned working with Macy’sBloomingdalesToys R Us and other retailers.  

You’ll learn how to make simple updates that allow you to:

  • Help people to buy the right product up front
  • Use conversation transcripts to drive optimizations across product/experience/availability
  •  Be available to customers across multiple channels – to quickly catch anyone who is frustrate

Winning Shoppers Who Research Online and Buy Offline

FEATURING: Matt Mayes - Salesforce, eBay.

This on-demand video provides an in-depth look at the impact of Research Online Buy Offline (ROBO), with advice on how you can measure ROBO within your organization.

During this interview, Matt discusses why ROBO should be a priority for both mass-merchant retailers and pure-play product manufacturers:

  • Understand ROBO’s impact on the retail omnichannel landscape
  • Discover how consumer research influences purchase behavior
  • Learn 3 ways to assess the effect of ROBO

5 Ways Shoppers Engage When You're Not There

FEATURING: Selina Wragg - Marketing

During this live video, Selina talks us through how shoppers exhibit different motivations and engagement with channels, devices, and touchpoints. here are always opportunities to buy, and every purchase journey is unique, which is why you need to engage at every step. 

During '5 Ways Shoppers Engage When You're Not There' you will:

  • Understand consumer buying behavior in today's chaotic retail landscape
  • Learn how to scale your existing customer service operations, across multiple retailer touchpoints
  • Reimagine the experience consumers have with your brand