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Logo Files

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Welcome's Primary logo

Welcome's Primary logo

Black for lighter backgrounds

Black for lighter backgrounds

White logo for darker backgrounds

White logo for darker backgrounds

Red icon with white wordmark for picture backgrounds

Red icon with white wordmark for picture backgrounds


Vertical Layout

Our vertical logo is an alternative to our primary logo. 


Icon / Symbol

The Welcome icon is used in material that already uses the regular full length logo. 

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Dan Herman

President and Co-founder


Waqas Hussain

CTO and Co-founder


Matt Wild

Chief Architect and Co-founder


Welcome Founders

Matt, Waqas and Dan


About Welcome Commerce, Inc.

Brands and retailers use Welcome to convert online shoppers into customers by providing them with online expertise to make the most informed purchasing decisions possible. Through Welcome, shoppers who chat convert 3x more often, spend 2x more and return 20% less, on average. Welcome is headquartered in Austin, TX.

Founded in 2011, our founding team are leaders in XMPP/Jabber — the technology standard Google, Facebook, Cisco and many other companies use to power chat.